What Can You Put In Our Bins?

We accept light general waste, green waste and recycling only

Light General Waste

Light general waste incorporates most household waste. This is essentially any waste with the exception of Asbestos concrete, bricks, roof tiles or soil. General waste may contain green waste as long as its not heavy.

Green Waste

Green waste can contain items such as lawn clippings, branches, pruning waste and wood. Green waste is any organic waste that can be composted.


Recycling Only

This contains all items that are recyclable like paper, cardboard, magazines, bottles, jars and cans.

Our trailers are designed to accommodate and carry general household waste and not the heavy loads. This means anything can go in provided its not hazardous and unsafe , and provided by law. Flammables  and Asbestos are strictly prohibited.

For more information please contact EPA or your local council.
Dirt, rubble, sand ,rocks and soil to be discussed prior for special pricing.

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