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What Can You Put In Our Bins?

We accept light general waste, green waste and recycling only

Light General Waste

Peninsula Trailer Bins Wheelie Bin Hire Adelaide
Peninsula Trailer Bins Wheelie Bin Hire Adelaide

Light General Waste Light general waste can contain most household or commercial waste. This is basically any waste except for concrete, bricks, roof tiles, aggregates, sand or soil. General waste may contain green waste as long as its not heavy. Heavy tree trunks are likely to cause weight limits to be exceeded and should not be included.

Wheelie Bin Hire Adelaide
Wheelie Bin Hire Adelaide

Green Waste Green waste is any organic waste that can be composted. It can contain things like grass clippings, sticks, leaves and woodchips.

Recycling Only

This can contain all recyclable items such as paper, cardboard, magazines, bottles and cans.

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