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An Overview of General Waste Collection in Adelaide: 2023 Edition

In the bustling city of Adelaide, efficient general waste management is a cornerstone of maintaining a clean, healthy environment for all residents and businesses. This article unveils the general waste collection framework in Adelaide for 2023, guiding individuals and enterprises in making informed decisions for their waste management needs.

General Waste Wheelie Bins Awaiting Collection at Commercial Site in Adelaide

Grasping the Basics of General Waste Collection

What Does General Waste Collection Entail?

General waste collection in Adelaide encompasses services offered by the council and private entities like Adelaide Wheelie Bins. The council provides a regular kerbside waste collection service, with a 140-litre red lidded bin for general waste, collected weekly 1. However, for those seeking flexible and tailored solutions, Adelaide Wheelie Bins offers a range of waste management services to meet diverse needs.

What is General Waste?

General waste in Adelaide encompasses materials that are non-recyclable. Here’s a breakdown of what can and can't go into a general waste bin:

Can Go In:

  • Non-recyclable plastics (e.g., plastic bags, wrappers)

  • Broken glass and ceramics

  • Polystyrene and foam

  • Disposable nappies

  • Non-recyclable packaging

Can't Go In:

  • Recyclable materials (e.g., paper, cardboard, recyclable plastics)

  • Organic/food waste

  • Hazardous waste (e.g., chemicals, batteries)

  • Electronic waste

  • Construction debris

General waste is managed by various councils and private companies like Adelaide Wheelie Bins, ensuring safe and responsible disposal.

Why is General Waste Collection Crucial for Adelaide?

Effective general waste management is essential for upholding public health, city cleanliness, and ensuring a clean environment.

Exploring the Types of Bins Available

  1. Recycling Bins: Ideal for paper, cardboard, and other recyclable materials.

  2. Organic Waste Bins: Best for food and garden waste.

  3. General Waste Bins: Tailored for non-recyclable waste, with various sizes available to cater to different needs.

Advantages of Selecting Adelaide Wheelie Bins for Your Waste Management Needs

  1. Cost Efficiency: Proper waste segregation with the right bin hire service can lead to significant cost reductions.

  2. Environmental Contribution: Efficient waste management practices contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable Adelaide.

How to Opt for the Right General Waste Collection Service in Adelaide

  1. Evaluate Your Waste: Understand the types and volumes of waste to determine the most suitable bin sizes and services.

  2. Research: Seek reputable general waste collection services, ensuring they have positive customer feedback.

  3. Get Quotes: Obtain quotes from various providers to ensure you receive the best value for your investment.

  4. Check for Additional Services: Some companies offer extra services like waste audits or recycling programs, providing added value.


  1. Short-Term Bin Hire: Does Adelaide Wheelie Bins offer short-term bin hires? Yes, for events or specific projects.

  2. Collection Frequency: How often is the waste collected? The frequency is based on the service agreement.

Explore More with Adelaide Wheelie Bins

Delve deeper into waste management solutions with Adelaide Wheelie Bins by exploring the following pages on our website:

  • Commercial Waste Collection Services: Discover our range of commercial waste collection services tailored to meet the needs of Adelaide's business community.

  • Residential Waste Collection Services: Learn about our residential waste collection services designed for the households of Adelaide.

  • Recycling Services: Uncover the recycling services we offer to help Adelaide become a more sustainable city.

  • Bin Sizes and Types: Explore the variety of bin sizes and types available to suit different waste management requirements.

  • Contact Us: Have questions or need assistance? Get in touch with our friendly team for personalized support.

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