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Skip Bins In Dudley Park

Dudley Park residents can now enjoy top-quality, environmentally-friendly waste disposal services tailored to their needs.

Dudley Park, Revel in the Elite $99 Skip Bin Experience! Discover Today!


Experience the pinnacle of waste management with our 660L wheelie bin. Designed for small to medium-sized cleanups, it's a versatile solution for a range of waste types. Its ergonomic design ensures easy handling, while its spacious interior provides ample storage. Built to last, it promises durability and efficiency. Choose our 660L wheelie bin and make waste disposal a breeze.

Book your 660 litre wheelie bin online using the form below.

We'll deliver the bin to your location for a small fee of $99.

Fill up the bin with your waste, including general waste, green waste, and more.​

We'll collect the bin 7 days later and dispose of the waste responsibly.



Simplify your waste disposal with short term 660 litre wheelie bin hire from Adelaide Wheelie Bins.

Map highlighting areas served in Adelaide


Acceptable Items:

  • Light general waste (excluding asbestos, concrete, bricks, roof tiles, or soil)

  • Green waste (lawn clippings, branches, pruning waste, and wood)

  • Recyclables (paper, cardboard, magazines, bottles, jars, and cans)

Unacceptable Items:

  • Hazardous and unsafe materials (flammables, asbestos)

  • Heavy loads (dirt, rubble, sand, rocks, soil)

  • Large electronic appliances


Q: What are the dimensions of the 660L wheelie bin, and will it fit through a standard door frame?

A: The 660L wheelie bin typically measures about 1.30m in height, 1.26m in width, and 0.72m in depth. It is designed to fit through standard door frames for easy access and placement.

Q: Can the 660L bin hold heavier garden waste like soil or stones?

A: While the 660L wheelie bin can accommodate a variety of waste types, it has a weight limit of 250kg for short-term hires. Therefore, it is not suitable for heavy materials such as soil or stones which could quickly exceed this weight limit.

Q: What type of waste is suitable for the 660L wheelie bin?

A: The bin is intended for general household waste, light garden waste (grass clippings, small branches), and recyclable materials. It is not appropriate for hazardous materials, heavy waste, or large appliances.

Q: What is the maximum weight limit for waste in the 660L bin?

A: The maximum weight limit for the 660L wheelie bin is 250kg when hired for short-term use. It is important to ensure that the weight of the waste does not exceed this limit to avoid additional charges and ensure the safety of waste handling and transport.

Upgrade to Our 1100 Litre Bin for Bigger Projects!

Why Choose the 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin?

More Space:

Ideal for bigger clean-ups, renovations, or commercial projects.

Greater Value:

At just $149, it offers nearly double the capacity of the 660 litre bin for a fraction more in cost.


Perfect for those who want fewer trips to empty their waste, giving you more time to focus on your project. 

Our 1100L wheelie bin stands at the forefront of waste management solutions. Tailored for significant waste disposal tasks, it's the ally every business needs. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of handling, and its green approach ensures a sustainable future.


Top-Notch and Efficient Skip Bin Services in Dudley Park

Dudley Park, with its scenic vistas and warm community vibes, is a suburb that's always evolving. As the community thrives, there's been a significant shift towards sustainable waste management. While traditional skip bins have had their moments, the innovative wheelie bin is fast becoming the community's top choice.

Residents of Dudley Park are known for their progressive mindset. The suburb's rapid adoption of wheelie bins is a testament to this forward-thinking spirit. These bins, designed for recyclable waste, are not just functional; they symbolize Dudley Park's commitment to a greener tomorrow. Whether it's household clutter or commercial disposables, wheelie bins are the go-to solution.

Beyond their eco-friendly credentials, wheelie bins in Dudley Park are all about user-friendliness. Their compact design is a perfect fit for the suburb's bustling streets. And for those seeking a comprehensive waste solution, Adelaide Wheelie Bins offers services tailored to Dudley Park's unique requirements. And if you ever find yourself wandering in nearby Devon Park or Croydon Park, they've got specialized services to cater to your needs there as well.

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