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Skip Bins on Wheels: Your Flexible Waste Management Solution

Skip bins on wheels in Adelaide for mobile rubbish removal

Adelaide Wheelie Bins offers a convenient and efficient way to manage your waste with our versatile skip bins on wheels. Designed to cater to both residential and commercial needs, these mobile skip bins are the perfect solution for various waste disposal requirements.

Advantages of Skip Bins on Wheels

Our mobile skip bins bring unparalleled convenience to waste management, offering:

- Easy Mobility: Equipped with durable wheels, these bins can be moved to the most convenient location for your waste disposal needs, making them ideal for projects with changing waste collection points.

- Versatile Usage: From household cleanups, garden waste, renovations, to larger commercial projects, our skip bins are suitable for a wide range of applications.

- Improved Accessibility: The mobility of these bins allows for easy access to tight or challenging spaces, ensuring efficient waste disposal in any setting.

660 Litre skip bins on wheels in an underground car park

Available Bin Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes to suit your specific waste management needs:

- 240L Bins: Ideal for regular household rubbish or small cleanups.

- 660L Bins: Perfect for more significant waste disposal needs, including garden and general waste.

- 1100L Bins: The best choice for large cleanups, renovations, or commercial projects, providing ample space for various types of waste.

What Can You Put in Your Skip Bin?

Our skip bins are designed to accommodate:

- General Waste: Everyday household waste, excluding hazardous materials.

- Green Waste: Lawn clippings, branches, and other organic garden waste.

- Recyclables: Paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals suitable for recycling.

Please note that certain items like asbestos, concrete, bricks, roof tiles, soil, and heavy materials are not acceptable due to safety and regulatory reasons.


Q: What are the dimensions of the bins, and how do I choose the right size?

A: Our bins vary in size, with the 660L bin measuring approximately 1.30m in height, 1.26m in width, and 0.72m in depth, designed to fit through standard door frames. Choose your bin size based on the volume and type of waste you anticipate.

Q: Can I place heavy items in the bins?

A: The 660L and 1100L bins have a weight limit, ideal for light to medium waste but not suitable for very heavy materials like soil or stones.

Q: How do I book a skip bin hire on wheels?

A: Booking is simple. Visit our website, choose your bin size, hire length, and collection frequency, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring timely delivery and collection.

Q: Are there any restricted items?

A: Yes, for safety and regulatory reasons, we cannot accept hazardous materials, heavy construction debris like bricks and concrete, and certain other items. Please check our website for a detailed list.

Booking and Service Areas

Adelaide Wheelie Bins services the Adelaide CBD and a wide area of suburbs listed below, offering flexible hire terms with no lock-in contracts.

Book online today or contact us for more information. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a convenient, efficient, and environmentally responsible waste management solution.

- Albert Park

- Beverley

- Bowden

- Brompton

- Cheltenham

- Croydon

- Devon Park

- Ferryden Park

- Findon

- Flinders Park

- Hindmarsh

- Kilkenny

- Ovingham

- Pennington

- Renown Park

- Ridleyton

- Fulham

- Fulham Gardens

- Grange

- Henley Beach

- Henley Beach South

- Kidman Park

- Seaton

- West Beach

- Alberton

- Royal Park

- Semaphore Park

- Tennyson

- Welland

- West Croydon

- West Hindmarsh

- West Lakes

- West Lakes Shore

- Woodville

- Woodville North

- Woodville Park

- Woodville South

- Woodville West

- Grange

- Henley Beach

- Henley Beach South

- Semaphore Park

- Tennyson

- West Beach

- Lefevre Peninsula

- North Haven

- Osborne

- Outer Harbor

- Taperoo

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