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Adelaide Wheelie Bins 240 Litre December Special

240 Litre wheelie bin hire in Adelaide

The shift to fortnightly bin collections by many local councils is a significant change for residents and businesses. This adjustment aims to enhance recycling efforts and reduce overall waste but comes with its own set of challenges.

The Challenge of Fortnightly Pick Ups: What It Means for You

Reducing collections to every two weeks can lead to overflowing bins, especially for larger households or businesses. This not only creates an unsightly environment but also poses potential health and hygiene issues.

Our Response:

In response to this need, Adelaide Wheelie Bins is proud to offer a reliable and convenient weekly bin collection service. Our 240L bins are perfect for managing increased waste between council pickups.

December Special:

New customers that sign up for our weekly collection service at just $15 per collection before December 31st, 2023 can take advantage of a significant saving from the regular $30 rate. This special only applies to weekly collection frequencies.

Sign Up Today

Don’t let fortnightly collections disrupt your life. Join Adelaide Wheelie Bins for an efficient, budget friendly waste management solution. Sign up now and start enjoying cleaner, more manageable surroundings.

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